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Autumn Garden Preparations: Ready Your Outdoor Space for Winter

7th September 2023

Autumn is more than just the season of golden hues, pumpkin-spiced everything, and cozy sweater vibes. It’s the herald of colder days ahead, prompting us to prep our gardens for winter. And while you may be basking in the beauty of the falling leaves, there’s some serious garden prep work to be done. Don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you through!

1. Tidy Up the Garden

Before anything else, give your garden a good clean. Remove dead plants, rake up leaves, and compost them if possible. Not only does this keep your garden looking neat, but it also reduces hiding spots for garden pests.

2. Protecting Plants and Soil

Mulch is an autumn garden’s best friend. It protects soil from winter cold and prevents weeds. Layer organic mulch around your beds. If you have perennials that are sensitive to cold, consider getting them frost covers.

3. Winterizing Garden Tools

Your tools have worked hard all spring and summer, and they need some TLC. Clean, sharpen, and oil them before storing them away. This ensures they’re rust-free and ready for spring gardening. Also, drain and store garden hoses and turn off external water supplies. We can provide a whole range of storage solutions here at Truro Portable Buildings Ltd.

4. Storing Garden Furniture

Those lovely garden furniture pieces need protection too. Clean them and store them in a dry place. If you lack storage space, consider a hand crafted timber building which will last for yeasrs to come.

5. The Perfect Garden Storage Solutions

Whether it’s tools, furniture, or even that bulky lawnmower, you’ll need adequate storage. At Truro Portable Buildings Ltd., we understand your garden storage needs and offer a range of solutions tailored to them. From sheds of various sizes to specialized and bespoke workshops, we have all your winter storage needs covered.

Not only do our storage solutions protect your garden items from winter’s wrath, but they also keep them organized. Imagine not having to dig through a pile of tools next spring, but knowing exactly where each one is!

Autumn garden preparations set the stage for a blooming, beautiful garden when spring arrives. So, as you sip on that pumpkin-spiced latte, remember that your garden is relying on you to shield it from the upcoming winter chill.

If storage is what you need, remember, Truro Portable Buildings Ltd. is here to cater to all your garden storage requirements. Because we believe that a garden is a reflection of the care you pour into it – and we’re here to make that care a tad bit easier.

  • I'm extremely pleased with my new garden shed from Truro Portable Buildings, and also with their treatment of me as a customer. The shed is a first class product, excellent quality, delivered in a short timescale and erected in about two hours. The process of choosing a design was made easy by quickly-answered phone calls, and the honesty of the management was demonstrated when I was stopped from accidentally over-paying! Great team, great product. - S Ellis

  • Really happy with my 10x8 pent shed, good quality and easy to self assemble, all fitted together perfectly. Supplier offered good advice and helpful. Would recommend - P Oliver

  • I’ve had two buildings from Truro Portable buildings.
    From designing and suiting our needs, to a great team erecting the final product.
    Fantastic service, durable buildings, great customer service!
    We would highly recommend Truro Portable Buildings. - P Holland

  • Terrific building and company. I had a 12x8 Sherman built in August, great to be able to remove the old eyesore from the garden and get sorted again. Great build quality, speed of order was fair and the fitters were timely and no stress. Glad I went for the superior shed from Truro Portable Buildings, I would highly recommend. Very pleased - P Ascott